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Her lover is a wimpy wizard

1 December 1985
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I'm a college student stuck between two cultures... on my dad's side I am Italian-American, but my mom is Mexican. This makes for an interesting mix considering I want to follow tradition while rebelling against it. I go to school in good ol' Carolina, but am originally from Texas. However, DO NOT consider myself Texan. I'm Catholic, but I can be naughty so I've got a major guilt complex. I'm actually pretty intelligent when it comes to the theoretical aspect of life, but once we get into the practical... all bets are off. Half the time I have my head in the clouds, and the other half I have it up my ass. So my head actually weighs less than air, and I'm VERY flexible.

By the way I like new friends, and it is more than probable that I will friend you back if you friend me. Or I'll just friend you if I see that you're okay with random people friending you. I just really like reading about what other people think and do.